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Academia de Idiomas CEDAM Madrid, Español para Extranjeros

Idiomas: Curso de Español para Extranjeros

This summer “live& Learn about Spain and its Language”

Este verano “Vive y aprende sobre España y el español”

The Language Institute is located in Argüelles, one of the most attractive districts in central Madrid, only minutes away from the main shopping areas and historic city center so as the Oeste Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Madrid where you can as well find Debod Temple.

Ofrecemos cursos intensivos para jóvenes y adultos. Un programa especial a profesionales que quieran aprovechar sus vacaciones para mejorar su español y divertirse al mismo tiempo. Cursos para mayores de 55 que quieran unas vacaciones diferentes, aprendiendo y disfrutando.


Our staff is available to help you find the accommodation option that best suits your personal needs. For this reason, we keep a current list of different options:

    • A) Living in a private home – homestay :

We have a long-standing relationship with a number of Spanish homes.

        • Prices:
          • Half Board: 720 € a month per person
          • Rooms with no meals: 540 € a month per person


    • B) Apartments:

We will advise you about conditions, prices contracts…

A good way of finding information about apartments for rent is through a real estate website in Spain  www.idealista.com (in English). Prices vary.

      • Average Prices:
        • The rent rages from 700 € to 850 € a month per person in a one bedroom apartment in the center of the city.


  • C) Student Residences:
    • 830 € a month per person. Half Board.


As you have decided to spend your summer in madrid, we will accompany you to treat yourself with some of these goodies:


Madrid is full of musical events in the Summer, with all kinds of music, rock, pop, jazz, flamenco, folk, on top of it the Sabatini Gardens will be flooded with zarzuela, flamenco and others…


Its multiple open air cafes offer something to satisfy all tastes.


El Capricho Park:

With a romantic air and a French flavour.

Royal Botanical Gardens:

This garden invites visitors to enjoy a pleasant walk surrounded by thousands of live plant species.

Or, you can also take a walk along the banks of the river Manzanares.


And if you wish to experience the culture, Madrid is one of the major cultural centers of the world: The Prado museum, the Reina Sofia museum or the Spanish National Library are among others.



  • 20 Classes Hours per Week: 190€ per Week; Starting every Monday
  • 30 Classes Hours per Week: 270€ per Week; Starting every Monday
  • 40 Classes Hours per Week: 340€ per Week; Starting every Monday
  • Cultural Program Fee: 20€  per Week
  • One-on-One Instruction: 35€ per Hour; Starting every Weekday


Si estás interesado y necesitas más información, contacta con nosotros o envíanos un e-mail haciendo click en el correo que aparece a continuación, indicando en el asunto el curso que te interesa.


1) General Spanish Course Housing

For students who want to learn Spanish and at the same time become acquainted with the culture and history of their host country

Our program consists of 2 to 4 hours per day of creative classroom activities based on real-life situations combined with grammatical reinforcement.

Grammar and Vocabulary:

You will learn vocabulary, idiomatic phrases, grammar concepts, words, sentence structures, useful phrases and language usage.


You specifically work on developing and improving reading comprehension and written communication.


You specifically work on developing and improving listening comprehension and speaking abilities.


2) Special program in summer

The classes are a lively introduction to the language, we will focus on conversation, audio visual and real life material.

We will also organize several activities outside class hours like guided tours to the most important museums, movies and field trips.

Classes where you will encounter subjects such as:

  • The image of Spain through its movies
  • Literature and Art as mirrors of Spain
  • Creative writing
  • Business Spanish

The program will provide:

  • 20 classes of Spanish instruction per week, combined with cultural activities.
  • Placement test and Certificate at the end of course.


3) Program “Young at heart”


Our aim at the language institute is to develop all aspects of a student’s Spanish language skills in a friendly and open atmosphere. Small classes with people your age taught by experienced professionals provide an ideal educational environment.

The course consists of 20 hours per week, and is organized as follows:

  • 2 hours daily devoted to the practice of the Spanish language, we will focus on selected topics such as: customs, traditional celebrations, gastronomy, cinema, literature, in order to facilitate familiarity with Spanish culture.
  • 2 hours daily of extra-curricular activities like guided tours to the most important museums, movies, concerts, full day excursions to the places of interest.

The activities are aimed at making the student enjoy the taste of the Spanish culture, weather, food, folklore, movies.


4) Taylor made courses

We will design the course that best suits your needs